i never wish that u will come to me
i never expect that we will be as close as this
i dont kn0w when, h0w n why is it s0
i dont kn0w much ab0ut u
i forg0t this is just the first stage
i forg0t that Allah arranged this as fate
i forg0t what for i am made
i cry when i feel nobody cares

i sh0uld realize this is called test
n this can make me remember Him always
it is not a fake
it is something that i must take
i just need to think n take a break
perhaps it is bcoz of my mistakes
perhaps bcoz of my sinful acts
n here i just do what i think i should do
even i kn0w it might hurt u
just put urself in my shoes
i'm sure u'll do the same thing t0o
people live n die
people laugh n cry
s0me are honest s0me d0 lie
s0me say hi s0me say bye
just let it be
leave the rest to Allah


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