Diari Dianakhairi

It has been a long time the blog kept mute. It is still alive. So the author is. Alhamdulillah.

She is now back with new intentions and new style of writing, perhaps. Well, she has grown up and still growing up. She is happy with her life. She is now emotionally stronger and physically slimmer. Haha. She has her own Mr. Counselor so called Mr Advisor who always correct, lead and guide her in life.

Hatred of people does not  matter as long as she realize that Allah's love is there.

If you hate her because of her past, remember we are now at present.
If you hate her because of her wrong doings, remember that people can change.
If you hate her because of her weaknesses, remember that nobody is perfect.

Forgive her, and she will love you.
Advice her, and she will call you a good friend.
Be nice to her, she will pray for you.


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