Life and letter

Living a life is like writing a letter.
Definitely this is just an analogy whereby the latter is far easier than the former.

Firstly, when we wanna write a letter, we must be clear with the objectives or purpose of sending it to the receiver. For instance, we write to the principal suggesting the improvement of the facilities or we send a letter to the prime minister to thank him for what he has done for our country and the citizens. (hehe).
Same goes to our life, we must know its objectives or goals. Yours and mine might be different but our ultimate goal should be the same which is to seek Allah's pleasure, achieving mardhotillah, striving for Jannah. Allah says He wont create human beings and jinn except to worship Him and please Him. We have all the choices in life, what to eat, where to go, where to work, what to cook etc. But in the end, there will only be 2 options which are jannah or hellfire. Yeah, thats the final destination, so now choose and set your goals.

Secondly, before writing a letter, we write the main points on the other paper. We plan what to write.
Similarly in life, we should have plans. Plan and plan and plan our future. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Just plan, and make dua then leave it to Allah.

Whats next? We will put the letter in an envelope and write the receiver's name and address on it. We want the letter goes to the right person and place safely. In life, we dress up to cover our aurah, to protect our dignity. We live this life for the sake of Allah. Writing wrong address on the envelope is like setting wrong intentions of life. Be careful!

All the best!


penselkayu said...

welcome back kak midi!!

ameerah said...

Husna eh. Kaykay. Tah ada org blogging lg tah tak skang huhu

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